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We understand going to the gym several times a week to just walk on the treadmill or lift weights alone can get quite boring. Why not build cardio endurance, build muscle, and have a little fun by joining a spinning class? Here are several reasons why you should.

It builds cardio endurance

Do you usually get tired after a quick stroll or from walking up a flight of stairs? Taking a spinning class can really start building your cardio endurance by getting you used to move without quitting. You’ll be able to jog up the stairs without having to catch your breath in no time.

It can be done during any season

Exercises like jogging, surfing, and swimming are seasonal but by joining a spinning class, you can always guarantee to get your workout done.

It builds muscle

The best part about cycling is probably the fact that you can build lower muscle in many areas, all from a stationary bicycle. Depending on its intensity and your seated posture, spinning has the potential to work your calves, thighs, glutes, and even your abs.

You can ride at your own pace

There’s no predetermined speed you’re required to cycle at. The great thing about joining a spin class is each individual is free to cycle to the speed they desire and get to monitor how fast they’re going.

It’s fun

Joining any class at Whim Gym can be exciting, but being able to start a conversation while pedaling makes socializing at the gym a lot easier. If you find regular cycling too mainstream, you should definitely give one of our bi-weekly virtual reality spin classes a try. Exciting destinations include Amsterdam, Italy, British Columbia, and so many more.

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