Why Lifting Weights Is an Ideal Choice for Women

All the Benefits without the Bulk

You don’t lift weights because you’re afraid of getting the “bulky” look, think again. Before you decide to ignore the weights make sure you know just what you’re missing.

Testosterone plays a primary role in a man’s ability to build muscle.  If you don’t have the testosterone supply of a male, you can lift weights without worry.  Read on for all the benefits:

Build endurance, energy and strength.  If you have trouble with daily activities or seem to “burn out” before the day is up, weight lifting could be just what you need.  Our muscles thrive on activity.  Without use, muscles become smaller.  Without good muscle tone, daily activities can become a real challenge. Lifting the baby, carrying in the groceries, yard work, and housework can all be tiring and even strain your body if your muscles don’t have good tone and shape.

Increase metabolism and get leaner.  Building muscles with weight lifting help to increase your metabolism.  The ability to metabolise and burn fat increases with stronger muscles.  If is a fact that muscles burn fat.  The more muscle mass you have, the more fat they can burn.  Thus weight lifting can help with weight loss

Increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis.  Bones respond to weight lifting just as muscles.  With consistent activity, they become stronger and denser. Strong, dense bones are a must to prevent osteoporosis.

Improve balance.   Weight lifting and resistance exercises help to tone core and leg muscles.  Improving your strength in these areas of your body also improves your balance.
Reduce Pain.  People with chronic back pain and arthritis are able to reduce incidences of pain with regular weight lifting.  Even though you may have to start out slow and with very little weight resistance, you will see improvement and get stronger as time passes.
Improve Mood.  Activity is proven to improve your mindset.  Weight lifting can help with depression and stress.
If you’re like most women, your lifestyle is hectic and full of demands and lifting weights can help your body be ready to attack the task at hand without stress or strain.  So, whether your goals are to lose body fat, get more tone, or maintain fitness, weight lifting should definitely be part of your fitness plans.

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