Going to the Gym for the First Time

Nothing compares to the feeling a newbie gets when walking into a gym for the first time. Machinery can look pretty intimidating without prior knowledge on how to operate them and fitness freaks make it seem like you probably have 45 years to go before you can achieve anything slightly similar to what they look like. These are some of the things first-time gym goers can relate to.

Bodybuilders and fitness fanatics are intimidating

You’ll probably find bodybuilders training to be the next Muhammad Ali, or women lifting more than your male friends. Don’t let that discourage you. It’s likely they’ve been training for a while to get where they are. Keep in mind everyone’s body works differently and use it as motivation that someday you could be where they are.

The 3kg dumbbell is surprisingly heavy

You thought you were a champ because you could carry your mom’s groceries from the car to the elevator. Didn’t you? Truth is, your muscles haven’t had much exposure to heavyweights and the smallest dumbbell at the gym will probably leave you embarrassed in front of other gym members. On the plus side though, after a week or two, you’ll no longer have to take two trips to carry the groceries.

It’s nearly impossible to walk or move the next morning

The 10 body-weight squats and 3 push-ups you struggled to complete will leave you sore for at least a day or two. Don’t be worried. It happens to the best of us. Since your body isn’t used to strenuous activity (yes, 3 push-ups can be strenuous for first timers) you’ll more than likely be uncomfortably sore the following morning.

You need an instruction manual for each machine

Many machines have a simple set of instructions, but even then, trying to decipher how to properly use a leg curl machine or the leg extension can be difficult. That is if you’re able to differentiate the two.

You’ll never eat a slice of pizza again

Even though your first workout should be beginner friendly, it definitely won’t be easy. You’ll be regretting every junk food item you’ve ever eaten and probably even swear off junk food for good. Truth is, that’s never going to happen.

While the gym may appear to be a scary place for beginners, it can be a wonderful hobby and lifestyle change. You shouldn’t be scared or intimidated if you’ve never set foot in a gym. At Whim Gym, our personal trainers and group exercise instructors are always happy to help.

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