Fastest Ways to Calm Sore Muscles

For some people, the worst part about exercising is the soreness they experience after a draining workout. It can be such a burden that they skip working out altogether. However, there is a quick road to recovery that won’t give you an excuse to skip going to the gym anymore.

Take ice-cold showers

They say freezing cold water is great for muscle recovery after an intense workout. An alternative would be to place an ice pack against your sore muscles.

Get enough sleep

One of the most important ways to recover from exercise is to get enough sleep. You need at least 7 hours after a workout in order for your muscles to recharge. Eight would be perfect if you could find the time.

Take Creatine

There’s a reason most of your fitness enthusiast friends take creatine after a workout. Creatine, which is found in foods like salmon, tuna, milk, and cranberries, decreases muscle pain, soreness and speeds up the recovery process.

Use a foam roller

Believe it or not, this little piece of foam does wonders. Add pressure and roll it over the worked muscles as soon as you’ve finished a workout to help prevent your connective tissues from scarring.

Decrease weights

The main cause of sore muscle could be the fact that you’re over-lifting. If you’re feeling too weak or sore from heavyweight, first make sure you’re properly doing the exercises. If exercise still has a negative effect on your body, try decreasing weights significantly and doing more repetitions instead.

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