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    Educational Background: M.A. in Political Science – Universitee Saint Joseph
    Work Experience: TV & Production Houses as Painter + Yoga Instructor since 2014
    Years of Experience in Fitness: Yoga Practitioner since 1999
    Favorite Type of Gym Members: Curious
    Moto: Yoga is the art work of awareness on the canvas of body, mind, and soul.
    Predominant Mood: Creative

    She started intensive yoga training with the National Federation of Yoga Teachers – France in 2010. Since then, Monique has been attending yoga seminars in Europe once a year. She’s taught yoga to children, teenagers, and adults, and she’s now the Treasurer at the Syndicate of Yoga Teachers in Lebanon.

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    Contact info

    Monique Chebli

    961 76630044

    961 76630044