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    Educational Background: Business & Finance – Sagesse University
    Years of Experience in Fitness: Since 2011
    Favorite Type of Gym Members: Happy
    Moto: Make it a lifestyle not a duty.
    Predominant Mood: Optimistic

    Joelle Holds a degree in Business and Finance from La Sagesse University since 2007. Joelle joined the fitness field and got certified in different disciplines such as; Pilates, Top Ride and personal trainer from Sports Performance Institute (SPI) in 2011.

    Joelle loves to Help clients reach their health and fitness goals through appropriate flexibility and resistance exercise and have the ability to Motivate clients to improve their overall fitness and health

    Joelle’s major fell short of quenching a thirst she’s always had for health and fitness. She strives to aid others to improve their lifestyle through sports and determination. She has earned certifications in Pilates, Top Ride and Personal Trainer from the Sports Performance Institute.

    Currently, Joelle is giving training in Cardio Sculpt, Pilates exercises and HIIT workout at our boutique gym.

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