Group Cycling Benefits

Studio Cycling, the name of the latest indoor cycling training system, for people of all fitness levels, Led by a well-trained instructor.
• Group Cycling Program combines a foundation of basic cycling movements with motivational coaching techniques, breathing awareness and heart rate training in specified Energy Zones. Inspirational music and a fun, motivating environment ensure an enjoyable, safe and effective journey for all participants.
• Classes are performed on specially designed stationary bikes. The Spinner bike allows students to control their exertion level while still enjoying the motivation of a group setting.

Am I in good enough shape to participate in a Group Cycling ride?

• Two of the primary benefits of the Group Cycling are; that it welcomes participants of all fitness levels, and that you don’t need any specialised skills, just the ability to turn the pedals!
• The Spinner bicycle allows you to set and maintain control of your own resistance – you can conduct every ride at the pace that is right for you. Although Group Cycling sessions are conducted in a group setting, you don’t ever have to “keep up” with anyone, including the instructor. It is not uncommon to find elite bicycle racers pedalling alongside new riders during a Cycling training session. Everyone starts and ends at the same place and meets their own fitness goals.


If you are new to exercise or have any medical conditions, you must consult with a physician before engaging in any form of cardiovascular exercise.

Cycling Myths

• Participating in Group cycling classes is one of the best ways to get in great shape, but common misconceptions may be keeping you from trying this great program. Here, we have dispelled a list of the common myths to ease you into making the decision to begin riding.

I’ve seen people in these classes – they look like they are being tortured! I can’t keep up with that intensity!”

• Every bike is equipped with a resistance knob so that each participant can choose what resistance they want to use as well as how quickly they want to pedal. Instructors are there to inspire and motivate the participants, but each rider is in complete control of their own intensity. The Cycling program also utilises heart rate training to gauge exercise intensity and prevent over-training.

“My thighs will get huge!”

• Cycling is an endurance activity, not a muscle builder. In order to build big muscles, you must work with extremely heavy resistance and do few repetitions, but a typical Cycling class isn’t like that:
• Group Cycling is a high repetition low impact exercise in which you are required to pedal thousands of revolutions at light to moderate resistance.
• Within 6-8 weeks of participating in Group cycling classes, you will notice that your thighs are not bigger, but more defined and lean, as you lose the fat tissue surrounding the muscles.

“Don’t I need special “gear” to begin participating in cycling classes?”

• No special gear is required. As with any exercise class, wear breathable, comfortable clothes for easy cooling, and bring your water bottle to stay hydrated.

Riding a stationary bike is so boring!!!!!!!

• Group Cycling classes were created to take the boredom out of stationary cycling! The group environment coupled with fun, motivating music makes 40-minute class flies by. Certified instructors are trained to coach you every step of the way so that your mind and body are engaged throughout the entire ride.

“I have to get in shape first before I start to take Group cycling classes!”

• The best way to get back in shape after a long absence from the gym is to participate in an exercise that allows you to start slowly and progress carefully. The Cycling program is the perfect prescription for “couch potatoes”! Riding a bike is very gentle on your body because there is no impact on your joints and muscles. And since riders can control their own exercise intensity, taking it easy is easy!

“I’ve heard that the seat is very uncomfortable!”

• Some riders find that wearing padded cycling shorts or using a gel-filled
• the seat cover is the perfect way to introduce your butt to the saddle. You can either sit in the saddle or stand on the pedals as a way of giving your body a rest” from the seat.
• As you get more fit on the bike, you will find that your discomfort disappears.

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