Our desire to get as much done as possible in a day and the constant desire to speed through most tasks leaves us no choice but to cut corners sometimes. This includes taking steroids and other substances that speed up the bodybuilding process. However, such products can have severe side effects on one’s body and overall health. Here’s why everyone should stop taking steroids.

Increased risk of liver disease

When you start taking anabolic steroids, you greatly increase the risk of getting diseases you try so hard to avoid while working out at the gym. This includes, but is not limited to liver disease. It’s definitely worth mentioning that taking steroids for quite a while will strongly increase your chances of developing liver cancer.

Decreased chance of having kids

Taking steroids now may make you look strong, attractive, and enviable, but what many people don’t know is that in the long run, it’s highly likely you’ll be infertile or have a significantly lower sperm count. If you see kids in your future, you probably shouldn’t be consuming steroids in the present.

Increased levels of stress

In addition to the changes you start witnessing in your body, you’ll also be experiencing major changes in your mood. Taken over a long period of time, steroids can lead to higher stress levels, aggressive behavior, and even depression.

They’re illegal

Lastly, but most importantly, steroids are illegal. Besides that fact that you’re acquiring illegal substances, you can never really be sure about just how safe and healthy they are as they could be contaminated or damaged beyond their usual harmful effects.

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