Whim Boutique Corporate Membership package gives employees full gym memberships at HUGE 50% discounts. Fitness and wellness are not just a trend. Our corporate wellness program encourages employees to take control of their well being. Healthier employees will result in decreased diseases, higher productivity, improved mental and overall health and increased profits.

Some employers use gym memberships as part of the company benefits package by paying all or part of the membership fee for group members. We can certainly work with you if you prefer to do it that way. You and your employees are welcome to come for a tour of the gym and see what our boutique and health center can offer.

If you are interested in our group corporate membership program, please contact us

Full Company Invoice

Your company will contribute, they will pay the full membership fees.

Individual Direct Pay

Your employees will pay their membership fees through cash or by Credit Card.

Bring balance to your work and life with health and wellbeing that will keep you on top of your game.

Boost energy and mental sharpness
Get better stamina to keep up at work.
Reduce Stress.
Keep those sick days away.


Take team performance to the next level with healthier, happier and more confident employees

Healthy people perform better at work.
Builds focus and confidence.
Reduce health problems and diseases.
Regular training improves concentration.


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