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Many women are reluctant to partake in any strenuous activity while pregnant, including yoga, but what they don’t know is prenatal yoga actually has its benefits. These are four reasons why pregnant women should consider joining a yoga class.

Reduces stress

Pregnancy, especially for first-time mothers can be scary and stressful, but it shouldn’t be. Just like yoga reduces stress for people that aren’t pregnant, it also helps pregnant women relieve stress.

Decreases lower back pain

The stretching exercises you find in nearly every form of yoga help relieve aches and back pain common during pregnancy. Aside from that, you’ll learn to work on your posture that will definitely come in handy in later stages of your pregnancy.

Decreases headaches and shortness of breath

The breathing techniques taught in yoga class may help you reduce or manage shortness of breath during pregnancy. These same techniques are great for getting you through uncomfortable contractions during labor.

Improves sleep

Yoga isn’t only good for the body, but it also does wonders in clearing the mind. If you commonly find yourself tossing and turning throughout the night, you might be overthinking. Yoga exercises are a good solution to help you get the sufficient amount of rest your body and the baby need.

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