Fifteen years of experience have turned us into experts in the field of health and fitness. We’ve poured all our knowledge into molding the perfect gym with exceptional services so you’ll never have to skip another gym day. Let’s just say; When there’s a Whim there’s a way!


We Believe in the Survival of the Fittest.

That being said, here’s more about our other beliefs.

Professional, effective, and safe training – Because what are we here for?

Hourly, round-the-clock cleaning rounds. – Because a gym can never be too clean.

A cafe-corner with healthy and unhealthy snacks – Because you make your own decisions.

Virtual, pumped-up cycling classes – Because you don’t need to look at a wall while working out.

Happy background music – Because we leave the heavy metals at the weight-lifting station.

Friendly, approachable, and meticulous coaching – Because otherwise shame on us.

Proper lighting and plenty of space – Because we all need it from time to time.