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Building muscle is not always easy. Even with an extremely intense workout, the lack of protein might hinder your muscle growth. Don’t waste your time doing only half the work for mediocre results. Instead, focus on getting proper portions of post-workout protein. Here are several sources if you’re stuck on where to get it.


A favorite source of protein for many, chicken can be prepared in countless ways. Try to avoid deep frying it and eating it with the skin still intact for maximum benefits.


Casein is most effective later at night just before you sleep because it both improves muscles growth and recovery after a workout during your night’s sleep. Casein makes up a large percentage of milk’s protein and can also be found in yogurt.


Whey protein is found in dairy and is extremely effective in building muscles and repairing muscle fibers after a satisfying workout. Natural sources of whey include milk and ricotta cheese and it can also be found as flavored powder to add in your favorite shakes.


Many gym-goers aren’t aware of the protein-packed benefits of quinoa and do without it entirely. What they don’t know is this grain is a major source of protein and contains essential amino acids. Give it an extra protein punch by adding grilled chicken and maybe topping it with tomatoes, cucumbers, and corn to make a refreshing post-workout salad.


Thanks to their versatility, eggs are the perfect source of protein. They can be eaten daily and made in countless ways, from scrambled to hard-boiled, making sure you never get bored. Pro tip: eat both the egg whites and egg yolk for full protein.


Trying to lose fat and build muscle? You definitely need to include a serving of fish after intense workouts. If grilling a salmon is too much work after a long day, opening a can of tuna should do the trick. It may not be the best tasting type of fish but it sure does wonders for your muscles.

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