Ways to Make Dieting Suck Less

No one really enjoys dieting, but sometimes it’s necessary and the results can be worth it. If you’re tired of your body and can’t accept what dieting entails, these are several tips that might help make dieting a little more bearable.

Make a few substitutions at a time

It’s highly unlikely your diet will require you to only eat fruits and vegetables. Whatever you’re used to eating, make a few healthier alternatives at a time. For example, swap refined sugars for fruits, have brown bread instead of white, and perhaps baked potatoes instead of French fries.

Have an occasional treat

Don’t completely cut cheat meals out of your diet, just learn to earn them and only consume them in moderation. A biscuit between meals won’t really affect your body weight and might even give you the exciting energy boost you were looking for, but four scoops of ice cream will just make you feel gluttonous and guilty.

Keep your goal visible

Whether you want to look like your favorite actress or want to see a smaller number the next time you look down at the bathroom scale, it’s more motivating to keep your goal visible. Be it a magazine clipping or a number scribbled on a napkin, seeing your goal will make you feel one step closer.

Prioritize quality over quantity

Dieting doesn’t necessarily mean eating less, and it definitely doesn’t mean not eating at all or obsessing over every grain of rice. A proper diet allows you to consume as much as your body actually needs but encourages you to fuel it with nutrient-rich alternatives. Always remember, quality is more important than quantity.

Try new recipes

We honestly can’t think of anything more uninteresting than eating grilled chicken and salad every single night. The web houses a plethora of healthy recipes from healthy Tai noodle dishes to special steak sauces. Keep it exciting by alternating between chicken and beef recipes. You might even find you enjoy a good vegetarian dish every now and then.

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