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Staying fit while on holiday is difficult considering your need to relax and enjoy your time off, coupled with your desire to consume as many cultural flavors as humanly possible during your stay. To make it easier, we’ve combined several simple exercises that basically anyone can do, anywhere.

Resistance band squats

There’s no excuse when it comes to a short resistance band workout, considering it takes absolutely no room in your luggage and barely weighs more than a feather. Tone your glutes while traveling by letting it sit slightly above your knees and doing 3 sets of 12 squats.

Lateral Walks

Make use of the resistance band again by placing it around your ankles and doing the lateral walk by walking sideways from one wall to the next, and back. Repeat this three times.

Jumping jacks

The best part about jumping jacks is they don’t require a gym or any type of equipment. All you really need is a little open space to freely jump, spread your legs, and wave your arms in the air without knocking over any lamps. We suggest you do 100 in the morning to get your metabolism going. Feel free to split them up into four sets of 25.

Standing oblique crunches

Stand tall, feet hip distance apart and place your arms at your sides. Alternate bending to each side and reaching down with your fingers as far as you can. Feel free to do as many as possible. It doesn’t get any easier than this – it can even be done in the shower.


Of course, we couldn’t forget the abs. Thankfully no weights are necessary and all you really need is enough space to lie on your back. If you’re trying to come up with excuses at the moment, keep in mind these can even be done in bed. Add a little variety by incorporating oblique twists, leg lifts, and frog crunches in your abs workout.

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